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This Congo Round is a Distorted Truncated Octahedron (Approximately 26-Sides), however its shape appears Roundish. It is an Excellent Specimen and Industrial Diamond. It is also Good for Jewelry Use As Is. It is a Speculative Cuttable, and has Laser Halving Potential. Rough Diamond $18 / Carat.

Congo Diamond – Round Crystal – 2.73 ct.

  • Product name: natural rough diamond

    Origin: Congo

    Worth: 2500 $ per carat

    Colors: blue, white, pink, brown, green, glowing yellow, and transparent

    Shape: octahedrons

  • WEIGHT: 2.73 ct.

    DIMENSIONS: L = 7.0 W = 7.0 D = 6.8

    COLOR (APPROXIMATE): Light Whitish Grey

    SURFACE APPEARANCE/TEXTURE: Grainy; Light Patterns

    CLARITY (APPROXIMATE): Promotional; Slightly Translucent

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